16 May, 2010

Mad as a hatter

I went to a hat exhibition yesterday at the Queensland Gallery of Art in Brisbane. The exhibition was a mixture of Hats designed by millinery Stephen Jones as well as many others. It was an amazing exhibition! Stephen Jones has many famous celebrity and designer clients, the two hats below were designed by Stephen Jones and were on display!
Below: Hat inspiration found online


E R I N said...

i went to see this twice!

it was great to go the 2nd time because i took the time to watch the films (usually i fly past them in a hurry... i don't spend much time @ exhibs!)

very cool hats... i'm in love with 'The Touch of Death' with the black feathers... google it!


Melissa xx said...

AWW thanks for your comment erin! I actually thought of your artwork when i went to see this exhibition because beautiful hats are a re-accurance in your lovely art!

& I agree, seeing an exhibition twice is always great because u get to see so much more! They were all soo amazing!! xx