17 February, 2010

Art inspiration

Artist Erin Flannery.
Her art is so beautiful and inspires me everyday.

Check out her lovely blog here: http://cutyourownfringe.blogspot.com/

Represented by: antheapolsonart.com.au

14 February, 2010

Be my valentine

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! xx

09 February, 2010

tik tok make it hot

My new shoes! Can you believe these are from Target! They were only $45! They are so comfortable and easy to walk in! I love them so much! I also bought them in purple!

06 February, 2010

Polyvore inspiration

Polyvore is such a wonderful waste of time.

05 February, 2010

02 February, 2010

I heart u

I was going through my files and I found two scans of pictures I made a while back. Thought I would share them!

Thinking of you.
Wish You Were Here.

01 February, 2010


Today I bought myself an Eco-cup! I kept seeing them around and thought they were a really good idea. I hardly ever use take-away cups, and I try to avoid them altogether. Luckily everywhere I get my coffee it is always served in ceramic cups and mugs, and I'm always drinking it there and chilling back. Never the less, for people who are always on the go, this mug is a fantastic alternative to using paper take-away cups! It is about time that something like this has come along, and I just hope more people jump on board. The mug is so cute too! I'm using mine as I write this!