13 December, 2011

wild at heart.

There is something about a leopard print shoe that gets me really excited, I think its the silky feline connotation, leopard print reminds me to keep in touch with my wild side, sometimes its nice to just feel a little on the wilder and carefree side.

Leopard print lovelies...
wild things.
wild things. by thru-the-looking-glass featuring high heels

10 December, 2011

neon nights.

I love neon brights!

Neon and fluro are always statement making choices, but too much can be a bad thing. If you are going to wear more than one neon/fluro item, the key is to strike the right balance. I like small touches like neon nails and/or a fluro handbag.

Neon lovelies...

neon nights.
neon nights. by thru-the-looking-glass featuring neon shorts

06 December, 2011

white delight.

White is such a calming colour, but it can also be very bold. I've recently noticed all the beautiful white on white ensembles popping up lately, I particularly like the effect of layering different textures eg; white leather, over sheer white.

Some white delights...

white delight.

white delight. by thru-the-looking-glass featuring a drape jacket

scarf love.

Its summer where am, but its been really chilly latley so I have started experienting with scarfes. I love that they can transform a simple outfit into something more unique, and personalised. My favourite scarfes are vintage inspired ones with unique patterns and frayed edges.

A few lovelys....

scarf love.

scarf love. by thru-the-looking-glass featuring leopard print scarves

03 December, 2011

flower child.

Flowers are so pretty and feminin, I love how they can create such a whimsical feeling when worn. Flowers worn in hair always reminds me of the 60's and 70's, when it was all peace and love, and of course Woodstock. Floral prints can be quite pretty also, but i think the key is to keep it minimal.