01 February, 2010


Today I bought myself an Eco-cup! I kept seeing them around and thought they were a really good idea. I hardly ever use take-away cups, and I try to avoid them altogether. Luckily everywhere I get my coffee it is always served in ceramic cups and mugs, and I'm always drinking it there and chilling back. Never the less, for people who are always on the go, this mug is a fantastic alternative to using paper take-away cups! It is about time that something like this has come along, and I just hope more people jump on board. The mug is so cute too! I'm using mine as I write this!


Valentine Devlieghere said...

You have a great blog!
Best of luck! ;)

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x Valentine

✦ERIN said...

ahhhh i saw some of these the other day! i'm with you, if i can drink out of a glass or ceramic cup i will but that is a very cool alternative for take away!

have you tried it in a cafe yet? i would expect a strange look from cafe staff at first but they need to deal with it :)

thought these were cute too! http://www.hookturnindustries.com.au/byo-coffee-cup.html

so melissa, how do you have your coffee???

Melissa xx said...

lol erin no i haven't tried it in a cafe yet, luckily the coffees at the coffee club (my fav) come in ceramic mugs and glasses. But i agree, i think if i did use it in a cafe i would get some very strange looks haha...i should try it lol

OMG i love those silicone cups! thanks for the link!! they are really kool! i really want to buy one now!

Arrh i have my coffee with soy milk, no sugar, and definatley not de-caff lol! So good!...how do u have yours? xx

✦ERIN said...

hehe yea. they are cute.

i wonder though, after you have used it do you put it in your bag and then it drips through your bag?! there is effort required with these cups.... i still love them though.

i have it strong with NOOOO sugar. flat white, latte, cappa... i don't really care (they are basically the same thing in most cafes these days)

you should give yours a try :)